Data analysis APV-Wiss

The APV-Wiss project contains epidemiologic-statistical evaluation of anonymous data regarding treatment-development of children and youths with obesity. The data is collected remotely in centers using the APV-software.Prof.
Dr. Reinhard W. Holl ( ) is the primary contact regarding the activity of the DPV-Wiss project.

A broad collaboration of as many co-workers as possible in data analysis is prederable. In order to offer an overview of all research questions currently being handled to all interested, a synopsis of these is presented in the Private Domain (the password can be found on the last page of the APV correction run)

However, it is not possible to simply reserve areas of interest: if a working group starts a project, and after 4-6 months no results are presented, the research theme can be reassigned to others. Due to the staff capacity in Ulm, it is not possible to handle more than 4 or 5 parallel research questions. Individual data or clinic related information cannot be passed on to others. Data analysis can be carried out with the SAS-software, either in cooperation with the Ulm group or externally. Analyes with reference to the clinic identification code (signature) are not allowed. These should not appear in the output file. In case of dispute (authors, co-authors in publications, priorities of work groups etc.), the APV-Wiss board is at the dispose for all parties in mediating reconciliation.