Diabetes-patient-documentation (DPV)

Better future for children with diabetes.

DPV is an electronic data based documentation software for all forms of diabetes for both children and adults. Similar to an electronic medical record, relevant data pertaining to diabetes is documented only once and is available for numerous purposes.

Internal interfaces permit data import (BDT, HL7, DPV, chipcard, ASCII) and data export (FQSD, AKD, HASD, BDT, QS-DPV, EXCEL). The DPV-initiative and the development of the DPV documentation software are financed by the Federal Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer), the German Diabetes Foundation (Deutschen Diabetes-Stiftung), The National Action Forum Diabetes Mellitus (Nationales Aktionsforum Diabetes Mellitus, NAFDM), the German Research Community (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG), the Dr. Dr. Bürger-Büsing Foundation and NovoNordisk Pharma GmbH, Mainz.