Diabetes-patient-documentation (DPV)

Better future for individuals with diabetes.

The aim of the DPV-initiative is to improve treatment outcomes in individuals with diabetes through standardized documentation and objective comparison of quality indicators as well as through multi-centre outcome research. Up to date there are more than 400 centres participating in the initiative predominantly from Germany and Austria and one centre from Luxemburg and one centre from Switzerland, respectively.

DPV is an electronic data based documentation software for both children and adults with any diabetes type. Similar to an electronic medical record, relevant data pertaining to diabetes is documented only once and is available for numerous purposes: graphical and tabular description, medical report, treatment plan, diabetes passport, reminder on upcoming visits (watchdog), certification of centres and DMP-documentation. Moreover, besides the DPV-initiative the software is also used within the DIVE- and SWEET-initiative.

Internal interfaces permit data import (BDT, HL7, DPV, electronic health or health-insure card, ASCII) and data export (FQSD, AKD, HASD, BDT, QS-DPV, EXCEL).

Benchmarking reports are send to the participating centres twice a year. Analyses are conducted separately for paediatric and adult patients either anonymised or centre-based after prior written informed consent for regional quality circles.

Data of the anonymised DPV registry are used for treatment research in order to investigate practice-oriented questions. A publication list can be found on the website under ‘publications’.

The DPV-initiative and the development of the DPV documentation software are financed by the listed sponsors and project partners on the right side.