In AQUAPE / Hypothyroidism is a project of the Working Group on Quality Assurance of the Association of Paediatric Endocrinology (AQUAPE).

In this decentralized data on patients with congenital hypothyroidism are collected by a date agreed by the working group of characteristics.The data collection is done via the software Hypo-Doc, which is developed at Ulm University (Department of Epidemiology, ZIBMT).

According to the principle of an electronic medical record history data entered once and can be used for different tasks.

To the growing scope of the softwore are included:

  • issue of historical reports and graphs
  • automatic creation of medical reports
  • data can be exported into various formats
  • creating customized masks and data collections
  • monitoring of data and quality of care under the guidelines of the APE

Use of the software and technical support are free for all users. A release of the full program functionality and participate in the benchmarking are only possible after registration.

For participants in the initiative include endocrinological care centers in the German area.

Currently (18.11.2009) 43 centers are taking part in the comparative evaluation.